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Gun Control: Still the Political “Kick Me” Issue

So, it seems that Gun Control is back in the spotlight this campaign season. But it’s not what you might think. Even though Michael Bloomberg sunk millions into the Democrat war chests in Virginia, enabling the candidates to “out gun” (pun intended) the campaigns of the Republican candidates … they still lost. Maybe the voting public is finally catching on to the fact that gun control, as defined by the Democrats, does nothing but take guns out of the hands of good, honest people and leaves them in the hands of criminals.

gun-control-81News Flash, folks … criminals will always be able to get guns because they’re, well, CRIMINALS! They don’t play by the rules in the first place, so what makes you think a more severe background check will cause them to suddenly come to an epiphany and make the decision to attempt to buy their guns legally? Is everyone in the Democrat leadership some special kind of stupid??? The only thing stricter gun control does for the criminal is insure him that he’ll be the only one with a gun. Does that really make you feel safer? But first, let’s look at some history of gun control and how well it has worked so far.

A Little History…

Let’s start with Adolf Hitler. Yes, I know that the progressives reading this are already gearing up to claim that Hitler’s gun control legacy is a lie, but unlike them, I will provide actual texts and citations to make my case, beginning with this statement out Hitler’s own mouth.

“The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.” (Cameron N. & Stevens R., 1961, Hitler’s Secret Conversations)

Does this sound like a benevolent dictator? Uh, no, because his real intentions were made clear on November 9, 1938, when in a move known as “The Night of the Broken Glass,” the Nazi army, under the instructions of Hitler and his confidants, enacted a massive and well-coordinated attack on Jews through all of the Reich. This was made possible because of several ordinances set in place by the Weimar Republic under Nazi control that made illegal the possession of firearms by “enemies of the State.” And, who decided who was an enemy? How many guesses do you need?GUN-CONTROL

Add to this that the Nazi rise to power, fully realized in 1933, was complimented by numerous raids against any who spoke out against the Party, labeling them Communists, and removing firearms from their possession. Then, earlier in 1938, Hitler signed into law a sweeping gun control act that benefited the Nazi Party, and all of its associated arms, at the expense of its enemies.

Interestingly enough, the Weimar discovered records for the proposed Nazi take-over in 1931, put together by a future Gestapo officer. The Weimar government reacted by registering all privately owned guns in Germany; records which played right into Hitler’s hands in the future disarmament of his enemies.

…and Some More Recent History

Ok, I’ve shoved enough Hitler down everybody’s throats, so let’s get a bit closer to home and look at gun control in the U. S. and see how well that’s worked out for us. In 1938, while Hitler was busy in Germany, the United States passed theFederal Firearms Act regulating the interstate trade of firearms and requiring retail sellers of guns and ammunition to obtain a license which had to be renewed yearly. It also required sellers to keep records of who bought the guns. So, we see the first fledgling attempt to register firearms.

Next we move on to 1968 and the Gun Control Act. In this legislation limitations on the sale of guns and established the specific background of those citizens for which it was unlawful to own or carry firearms. This was followed by the creation of the Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms in 1972 to insure compliance with those laws. Then, in 1977 the District of Columbia enacted its Anti-Handgun law, making it illegal to have a handgun in the District except for law enforcement personnel. This wonderfully progressive move was supposed to prove that strict gun control was the perfect deterrent to violent crime. Unfortunately, the lawmakers forgot the truism, “When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns.”

Needless to say, the number of violent crimes did not drop. As the population figures stayed relatively stable, the landlocked District can only support a finite number of people, crime figures actually rose a bit during the 1980’s, and during the “Crack Epidemic” of the 1990’s, murders and property crimes went through the roof. According to a CBS News report from March, 2008, over 8,400 murders had taken place since the Law went into effect and 80% of the murders in 2007 were gun crimes. Citizens interviewed for the article all felt as if the right to protect themselves had been taken away.

The city’s leaders brazenly stated that less legally owned guns were available to steal, reducing the number of guns on the street, while in reality, guns flooded into DC from Maryland and Virginia where they were still legal. In this experiment, straight out of Orwell’s 1984, the Government loses. We love Big Brother! Let’s see what else the magic of gun control has accomplished.

…and Now We Have…

In 1998 suits were filed in Chicago, New Orleans and California against gun manufacturers, claiming that they were responsible for gun crimes. I suppose they believed that the guns just jumped out of the boxes and went on killing sprees. The California action was immediately dismissed, and the others came to nothing. In fact, the actions back-fired, as 32 state legislatures enacted laws protecting gun makers from this type of litigation. Apparently, these law-makers realized the guns were not capable of shooting someone on their own.

After the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado in 2013, state lawmakers leaped to enact stricter gun laws, following the flawed liberal reasoning that the guns were at fault. Now, don’t get me wrong, gun crimes and mass shootings are horrible, especially on the families. Nevertheless, an investigative report by Channel 7 News in Denver, released October 2, 2015, shows that the percentage of crimes involving guns actually increased after the new legislation was passed. Maybe if Colorado had a “concealed carry” law like Texas and thirty other states, the aurora shooting would never have taken place.images

According to a Cato Institute Reportfrom May, 2000, among the 31 states that have concealed carry laws, violent crime statistics are, on the average, 24% lower than other states. The report also shows that stricter gun control laws would have had no effect on the Columbine shooting, as the two shooters violated close to 20 then current laws. The report goes on to show that waiting periods have no effect on crime rates. Maybe that’s because criminals have no waiting period. They pay the arms dealer and get their guns.

An Inconvenient Truth…

Still, every time a shooting takes place, the gun control lobby comes out in force, looking to take away more of the Second Amendment Rights we enjoy. Let’s look at that, shall we?

Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. (Wex Legal Dictionary)

First, let’s recall what the document comprised of the first ten amendments to our Constitution is called: The Bill of Rights. This is not the rights of the government. It is the rights of the people, and was designed to limit the reach of government so there would never be a repeat of the tyranny of King George. The Second Amendment is known as the right to bear arms. The first action of an aggressor government is to erode those rights. Remember Germany, the Weimar Reich, and Hitler? Of course, it’s easy to believe that none of that will happen to us. We’re the greatest Democracy of all times!

But let’s look a little closer to home and the words of Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter in his historic dissent in the case of Davis vs. the United States in 1946.

“We are in danger of forgetting that the Bill of Rights reflects experience with police excesses. It is not only under Nazi rule that police excesses are inimical to freedom. It is easy to make light of insistence on scrupulous regard for the safeguards of civil liberties when invoked on behalf of the unworthy. It is too easy. History bears testimony that by such disregard are the rights of liberty extinguished, heedlessly at first, then stealthily, and brazenly in the end.”

Davis vs. the United States was not about guns, but rather about illegal search and seizure, a violation of our 4th and 5th amendment rights, but Justice Frankfurter’s observations hold true nonetheless. Once the government is allowed to erode our rights in any individual theater, then the erosion will continue wherever the government choses. I made an inference earlier to the United States being a Democracy. How many of you realize that was a false statement? We were never meant to be a Democracy, as a Democracy is inherently a Socialist form of government. The United States is meant to be a Republic where each State has the right to govern itself, the Federal Government only involved in issues of interstate merit.

What Next?

Also, a Republic is to be founded on the “rule of law,” while a Democracy is founded on the “rule of the majority,” an ever-changing mirror focused on the whim of elecimages (1)ted officials. We see this every day in our “poll driven” age of politics; elected officials ever having their “finger in the wind” and changing position so constantly that nobody can keep up. We only have to remember the campaign cry of the Republicans that lost John Kerry the election of 2004 to George Bush: “I was for the Iraq war before I was against it.” This answer to a debate question allowed the Republicans to paint Kerry as a “flip-flop” candidate, or one who changed position to whatever was popular at the time. The words of James Madison come down to us through the years to warn us of just the elitist type of government we now have…

“We may define a republic to be … a government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people, and is administered by persons holding their offices during pleasure for a limited period, or during good behavior. It is essential to such a government that it be derived from the great body of the society, not from an inconsiderable proportion or a favored class of delegation of their powers, might aspire to the rank of republicans and claim for their government the honorable title of republic.” James Madison, Federalist No. 10, (1787)

The warning here is against the stranglehold of a few. Madison identified them as “nobles” because that was the elitist of that time. Today we see the same thing in the form of the “career politician,” one who has been a Washington Insider for so long that he or she is under the impression that they know what is good for us better than “we the people” do, ourselves. Often this is a position of blatant hypocrisy. A good example is California State Senator Leland Yee, one of the most outspoken for anti-gun laws, who was arrested in trafficking in illegal guns and shoulder fired missiles. But of late, there has been a backlash from among the governed. The people are becoming enraged at the elitist mindset and are expressing themselves in groups such as the “Tea Party,” “Concerned Women for America,” “The American Family Association,” and “The National Black Republican Association.”

The National Rifle Association, of course, has been around for years, lobbying against the erosion of our gun rights. The Second Amendment guaranteed the right of the individual to bear arms in the protection of family, country, and individual rights. Even though we have a defined military, the intent of this amendment was not to define that entity. It was the definition of a State within a Republic with individuals armed to disallow a repeat of what happened to the American Colonies. As far as our race to pass more gun control, let’s not get in a hurry until we are able to enforce those we have now. If Eric and Dylan had been caught breaking the twenty gun laws they were already breaking, Columbine would never have happened. If Colorado had been a “Concealed Carry” State, then the shooter in Aurora might have hesitated, thinking there might be someone shooting back. Think about it. Think long and hard before you cry out for more of YOUR rights to be taken away…..others are already thinking about it. Ask the Democrats who lost elections last year in Virginia. Or ask Parnell McNamara. He likes to make his own laws concerning guns.

McNamara campaigned in 2012 as the “Second Amendment Candidate” which would make good sense, as he has his own “for profit” Concealed Carry Course.  He also promised to push for a “fast lane” at the McLennan County Courthouse for granting Concealed Handgun Permits to those who were law-abiding citizens.  That hasn’t happened.  Instead, Parnell has worked to tkae away more of our rights to carry our guns.  In fact, he even defied the State Attorney General by putting up signs at the same courthouse (the one he was going to improve Second Amendment Rights at) not allowing guns on the premises.

The above information was compiled by Randall Gates, another County Watchdog and irritater of the foolish. It is evident from this that Parnell has no intention of pursuing the promises made during the previous campaign, so why should we expect him to do so this time. In fact, there is only one candidate in the race that has gone on record both on the James Show on Newstalk 1230 and in the Waco Trib and said he would uphold the law, not make his own. That candidate is Willie Tompkins. If you believe your Second Amendment Rights, among others, are being ignored by the current Sheriff, then don’t vote to repeat the situation for another four years.


Bankrupting a County for Dummies: The Legacy of Parnell McNamara

Question: Who spends taxpayer money like a drunken sailor?

Answer: Parnell McNamara

Sheriff Parnell McNamara

Now, I know you thought I was going to say Congress, and under normal circumstances that would be true. But not while Parnell McNamara is Sheriff of McLennan County. This man has them beat, hands down.  Between lawsuits, toys, and maintenance costs (for said toys), our present Sheriff could write a book.  Can’t you just see it? “Bankrupting a County for Dummies” first edition. It would be an overnight best-seller because every politician in the State would be after it.

But first, let’s look at “Parnell, Texas Ranger’s” credentials for writing this tome.  After all, an author of a “self-help” book has to have some experience to back him up. Don’t worry though, Parnell has a wealth of recent experience. It would seem otherwise, since he came into office 3 years ago not having one hour of “on-the-ground” experience as a Texas Peace Officer. Didn’t know that? Yeppers, the sum total of Parnell’s experience up to that point was working as an “intermittent U.S. Marshall”, mostly for the purpose of prisoner transport.  I say mostly, because I’m sure he also spent some time getting coffee and sandwiches for him and his brother.

Oh, and don’t let his whiney brat story about how he and his brother took positions as “intermittent” or “part-time” Marshals just so they could stay in Waco. Former Democrat Congressman Chet Edwards sponsored a bill in the 103rd Congress to upgrade the McNamaras to full U.S. Marshalls, but couldn’t even get it passed. So, if the Congress of the United States knows better, then who is Parnell fooling?  Therefore, his credentials and experience for bankrupting a County has been crammed into 3 power-packed years. And boy, has he been busy!

First step, right out of the box, he came into office dragging a lawsuit for prejudicial treatment of his employees that would eventually cost the County a cool $2 million (that’s Million, with an “M”). And again, don’t fall for the cover story that the County only paid out $600,000 (as if that isn’t enough), the rest being paid by the State insurance pool.  Who do you think pays into that pool? That’s right! The Counties! And where do the Counties get the money to pay into the pool? Right again! The taxpayers! So, back to the original point … Parnell cost the County $2 million dollars going in, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So, let’s look a little deeper into the water, specifically at all the “big boy toys” Parnell has procured for the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department. First, there’s our very own “Ghostbusters” vehicle … the converted ambulance with the trailer on the back that belongs to McLennan County’s very own bomb squad. Never mind that there has never in the history of the County been a bomb go off or lives lost due to a bomb. Now, I’m not talking about situations like the West Fertilizer Plant explosion.  I’m talking about a bomb built and designed to go off and take life and property.  Even so, Parnell believes McLennan County needs a bomb squad. Never mind that the largest military installation in the world, Fort Hood, is a 5 minute chopper flight away and they have highly trained bomb disposal personnel. Parnell believes McLennan County needs to spend money on its own personal bomb squad.

McLennan County Bomb Squad

If the “clowns in the middle ring” we have now aren’t enough, Parnell intends to spend another $235,000 for a SECOND bomb squad unit.  That way we have the availability to rush to TWO bomb threats we don’t have. Now, on Parnell’s behalf, let me give you his argument.  He’ll tell you the $235,000 came as a grant and won’t cost the taxpayer a dime. But I have a question, Parnell.  Who, then, has to pay for the upkeep and operating costs for these two bomb detection and disposal units we don’t need?  Yeppers, the taxpayer.  And who has to up the bucks for the salaries for the Deputies that man these units, much less for their training (I assume … and hope … that the folks will actually be trained to handle bombs).  Again, the taxpayer.  Won’t this money go to a better use if spent for patrols in the County areas where there are no other police responsibility? By the way, isn’t this what the Sheriff’s Departments prime purpose is supposed to be?

But, Parnell will tell you the bomb squad has already been called out.  Never mind that it was to Fredericksburg, and not anywhere in McLennan County. By the way Parnell, who paid for that trip?  Did we recover the cost from Fredericksburg, or did we bite the bullet for that one while you showed off for the folks back home?  And what if we actually had a bomb threat while our bomb squad was across the State somewhere?  Shouldn’t they stay at home waiting for the call since we so desperately need our own bomb squad.  Note: Fort Hood is closer to Fredericksburg than Waco. Need I say more?

Oh, there is one call on record where the bomb squad rushed to the scene of a volatile incident.  They closed down Highway 6 both directions for several hours tearing apart some Bubba’s pick-up because a patrol officer saw a meth pipe in the floorboard. Sure thought that meth pipe labeled him as a terrorist. Needed that bomb squad desperately then, for sure. So, that’s another way to bankrupt a County, spend a million, or so, on a bomb squad that isn’t really needed.

And what about the AR-15’s and the para-military vehicle that McNamara had to have for the County. Never mind that Waco already has a highly trained and equipped SWAT Team. Parnell had to have one of his own.  OK, so some big Republican donor put up the dollars to buy the rifles and the vehicle was donated by the U.S. Military.  Again, someone has to pay for the training, up-keep, ammunition (you don’t really think they got new bang-bangs and didn’t head straight to the range to pop off a few thousand rounds, do you?), and maintenance on the vehicle. And, that someone is the taxpayer. And again, never mind that McLennan County is so close to Fort Hood that windows rattle when the tanks fire their guns. And never mintumblr_msf3hzaZZS1rqvefao1_1280d that the National Guard is already equipped with more “stuff” than Parnell can afford.  Also, never mind that Waco already has a SWAT Team, equipped and ready to roll at a moment’s notice. Parnell has to have his own, and we have to pay for it.

So, when you want a crash course in bankrupting a County, just pick up Parnell’s Bankrupting a County for Dummies and following the instructions.  You can’t miss.  Question is, can we afford another four years of this? Wait around and sooner or later the property taxes will start to rise….

Hypocricy in Waco: Thanks Swanton

Well, it seems like the fall-out from the “Master Idiot of Twin Peaks” (read: Patrick Swanton) is still coming down.  This guy embarrassed the H–L out of mad deerWaco with his “Criminal Biker Gangs” interviews, and now it looks like he’s just going to be the “Gift That Keeps On Giving.”  Why do I, the “extremist”, make such a statement?  Because my blood is boiling, my rage is rising, my disbelief in the citizenry of Waco is deteriorating…oh, snap…I’m mad!

Let’s start at the beginning.  We all recall (how can we ever forget) the “Criminal Biker Gang” press releases in May of 2015 after the Twin Peaks Massacre. Just in case you don’t, let me refresh your memory.  that was when “Good Ole Boy” Patrick referred to all of the bikers present that day as “Criminals on Harleys” and posited that they were all engaged in organized crime.  Yep, that included the Veterans Groups, the Charity Riders, and the Christian Organizations.  Hard to believe your youth minister was a hardened criminal, huh?  But that was the story, and it was repeated over and over in the media in hopes of rationalizing the “cookie-cutter” warrants put out by Pete Peterson and Abel Reyna.

It still bothers me that there were 22 uniformed officers present at Twin Peaks, yet no one was involved in prevention.  If you had “prior knowledge” that something was about to happen, then there was “probable cause” to stop bikers coming into the Marketplace to check ID’s and for weapons.  And don’t blame it on Twin Peaks again.  That was the biggest cop-out I’ve ever heard.  The restaurant could not have stopped Law Enforcement from preemptive measures outside the facility.  So, Swanton, while you are riding your fame into the campaign for Sheriff, put the blame where it needs to be, right in the laps of the Waco PD for not doing their job.

Or were these things omitted on purpose?  There are those who suggest that the Law Emforcement waited until the last minute to insure that violence broke out, then shot the leaders of the two clubs in question., a leading national news website, reported that 117 of the 177 arrested had n0 criminal record at all, yet were retained and arrested for the same blanket charges of”conspiracy to commit organized crime” and jailed on a one million (that’s million with an “M”) dollar bond.  This blatant disregard for the constitutional rights of the “accused” caused lives to be ruined, jobs to be lost, businesses to go bankrupt, and divorces to take place.  Good job, Waco PD!

That makes me mad.  It’s not just Waco PD, either.  Thanks to the reality TV shows like Orange County Choppers and Sons of Anarchy, the equation in the mind of “cagers” (that’s people who ride everywhere on 4 or more wheels) is Bikers=Bad. The following video is from KCEN Television, not some reality TV producer.  The reporter has had access to the Bandidos for years.

Biker clubs are just groups of people who band together for friendship and brotherhood.  Most are veterans.  They are husbands, fathers, and yes, Patrick Swanton, many are lawyers, doctors, and dentists.  They are also the guys that builds your house, repairs your car, waits on you at Wal-Mart.  In my younger days I partied with several of the Bandidos in Lubbock, Texas.  I never “prospected” but I earned their respect by giving them the same.  There was one Viet-Nem vet went by the tag of “Airmail” because he worked at the United States Post Office.  Do you think a “hardened Criminal” could have gotten through that screening?  In fact, Robert Patrick, actor of Hollywood fame who played in Die Hard 2, Terminator 2, Flags of Our Fathers, Bridge to Terebithia, just to name a few, is a biker.  Before you discount him as just another Hollywood punk on his weekend bike ride, he’s the President of Chapter 101 of the Boozefighters MC.  Go, Robert!

The next video is an interview with Stephen Stubbs, a lawyer for the bikers.  It’s a bit long, but a real eye-opener.

Isn’t it strange that the Confederation of Clubs and Independents, a group the Waco PD is trying to paint as a cover for organized crime, is the same group so wonderfully heralded and awarded by the Waco City Council?  And does it say anything for the guilt of the Judge and District Attorney that they wanted those arrested to sign a waiver of the right to sue the city and county before they would be released?  That makes me mad!

But, let’s not leave the Sheriff’s Department out of this tirade.  “Parnell, Texas Ranger” and his posse of idiots is neck deep in this, too.  If, again, all of this knowledge was available long before that fatal Sunday in May, why wasn’t there any Sheriff’s department presence there at Twin Peaks?  After all, McNamara is the County’s “Top Cop.”  There should have been Deputies crawling all over the place.  I guess they were too busy out on the Highways handing out traffic Tickets and checking for warrants so Parnell could keep up his 450% increase in arrests intact.  But why wasn’t the only elected law enforcement officer in the countmaxresdefaulty on the scene, coordinating the activities and practicing some of that “front line police work” he’s so quick to boast about?  And why wasn’t he there to put a stop to the “blanket warrant” treatment taking place.  After all, the County Sheriff trumps the local police and can take-over and direct any activity or investigations taking place.  Inquiring minds want to know….

But that’s not what makes me really mad.  It has come to light that the restaurant where the Christian Motorcyclists Association, an International Motorcycle Ministry well known for their charitable works, has thrown the CMA out in the wake of Twin Peaks.  They don’t want bikers meeting there anymore.  Strange that for years they were proud to house the CMA, but in the feeding frenzy after Twin Peaks, the CMA became, in their eyes at least, the representation of the “Criminal Biker Gang” that Sgt. Swanton painted them as. THAT is what is really making the Extremist MAD!  This is just a small example of the hypocricy following in the wake of Twin Peaks, but Waco continues to make Janet Reno proud.  Even she couldn’t embarrass Waco that bad.  In a follow-up article, I’ll release the name of the restaurant.  Then we’ll see how well they like bikers…..  After that, I may not be as mad…….

Out of Touch: Sorry…

Have been out of touch for the last two weeks.  Sorry ’bout that.  Mother-in-law passed away in Georgia…caused a bit of stress.  We’re back, though, and ready to draw attention to the idiocy of some of the candidates for election in McLennan County and Waco.  BooRah!!!!!!!!!!

Meet the Candidates for McLennan County Sheriff: …and the Joke Goes On.

Last night (January 11, 2016) was the much awaited (read: nobody knew about it) “Meet the Candidates” forum at the Brazos River Plaza. As a pre-election event, it was worthless as nothing was gained as far as real knowledge of the candidates, themselves. That was due to no time being given to questions for the candidates. Oh yes, I know the line those who put on the forum will use. “There was an informal question and answer period after the candidates spoke so the public could ask them whatever they wanted.”  Ok, that’s homey and warm, but the only ones who heard the answer were the ones asking questions, and that was a joke altogether.

But more of that later, let’s get on to the “heart” of the forum.  The three candidates (yes, Parnell was actually there) were each given 15 minutes to speak about themselves and their qualifications.  It went something like this: Parnell McNamara bragged, Patrick Swanton threw mud, and Willie Tompkins … well … Willie was his normal understated self.  Don’t get me wrong, Willie did tell a little about his experience, but for a preacher, he really surprised me as he only used five of his 15 minutes.  Now what preacher speaks and gives time back?

Let’s move on. Of course, Parnell boasted about the 450% increase in arrests since he took office.  What he failed to explain was that was from serving traffic warrants inside city limits.  That isn’t the job of the Sheriff’s Department.  That’s why we have local police.  Yet, McNamara feels it is more important to interfere with the business of the local LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers) rather than patrol the areas of the county where there is no local police presence, which IS the job of his Department.  I live in thmaxresdefaulte “county,” an area outside any city limits, and I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve seen any Sheriff Patrol since Parnell took office.  Anytime the Sheriff is called to the area it takes about an hour (or more) until they arrive.  That’s because they are busy transporting a “hardened criminal,” that has a speeding ticket he didn’t pay, to the County Jail so the arrest numbers can stay up.

Parnell also bragged about all of the new toys the Sheriff’s Department has and how they “didn’t cost the taxpayers a single dime.” All his “good ole boy” friends just uped the money out of the blue to buy expensive SWAT vehicles, helicopters, guns, and all kinds of riot gear.  You know, like the Taser that was used on Iretha Lilly in October 2014, the day she died from a supposed “heart attack.”  And all of this money was given with no strings attached because McLennan County needed another SWAT team. Oh, and we have a drug taskforce that has only uncovered one drug operation in three years.  That’s because they aren’t patrolling the Beaver Lake area where I live. There are plenty of drugs out there.

Parnell has a new bomb disposal team, too.  That’s something else he’s proud of, and it’s for the County!  So, this Bomb Team that’s “for the County” is in demand all over the State of Texas.  Parnell’s proud of that, too.  In fact, the team was called down to Fredericksburg (wait, ain’t that where “good ole boy’s good ole family lives?) to take care of a bomb threat there.  I only have one question.  What happens when there’s a bomb threat here at home when the team is out on the other side of the State?  How will the County benefit from that one?  Oh well, Parnell … guess you just can’t please everybody.  But, you might remember it wasn’t the Gillespie County voters that put you in office, just Gillespie County money.

woman dies in jail
Iretha Lilly: someone’s daughter & someone’s mom

Anyway, Parnell “Texas Ranger” (forgive me, Chuck Norris) is proud that he has all of these new toys.  Forget the fact that he had to pull patrol officers to train how to use them.  That’s another reason there’s no patrols in the county anymore.  Oh yeah … Parnell’s proud of his jail, too.  He said that last night. He’s proud of how well run the jail is.  I asked him later how he could be proud of a jail he claimed no responsibility for after three people died in it and it went under investigation from the State.  He quickly corrected his statement to mean he was proud of the “County” jail, not the privately run jail.  Seems to me I remember the News 10 article stating Lilly was booked into the County Jail not the correction center.  Also, she died in “booking” which is overseen by Sheriff’s Deputies, not LaSalle Correction.

McNamara & Reyna


Well, we have to remember that Parnell is getting on up there in years, and a little stooped over from all of that “front-line police work” he did for all of those years.  His short-term memory might be a little less than it used to be.  It must be memory loss and a bit of confusion, too, as I asked him why these three young men from LaSalle Corrections were charged with a felony crime when they falsified guard ledgers, but his family member got off with a spank on the hand and 7 days with no pay for the same thing.  His answer was, “There was a death involved.”  So, let me get this straight.  It’s a crime to falsify books if someone dies, but not if there is no death.  I guess that’s like it’s a crime to drive drunk, unless you’re Abel Reyna.

But, let’s not beat on poor old ageing Parnell and turn instead to the good Patrick “Criminal Biker Gang” Swanton.  I know he’s good, because he says so.  He must be, because his whole campaign is based on how bad the current Sheriff really is.  Of course, I can’t disagree with him there, but there’s more to Swanton than meets the eye.  The good officer tallied up his credentials, being sure to tell us he had all of the qualifications to put the Sheriff’s Departments toys to good use, while all of the time telling us in an underhanded way that they were all a waste of time and manpower.  You know, the manpower that should be out on patrol in the County instead of writing tickets and playing with said toys.


Swanton also let us know how well the Sheriff’s Department would fare publicity-wise, at least that’s what I gleaned from it.  He told us how much he loved the job as Public Relations Officer for the Waco PD, so that must mean he’ll be a great spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department, too.  That means even when all hell breaks loose underneath him, he’ll still be able to tell us what a great job he’s doing.  Of course, there wasn’t much else to Swanton’s 15 minutes, other than he spent most of it in “tongue-in-cheek” allegations about the current Sheriff.  Oh yeah, he did take time to tell us he was the youngest candidate running.  I’m not sure if he was telling us he had all that experience crammed into fewer years or that he could take the beating better.  Must be a “Twin Peaks” thing.

And about Twin Peaks, I asked him a question about that, too.  Back during his “face-time” on National Media, Swanton made the statement that the bikers in attendance were:

“A bunch of criminal element biker members that came to Waco and tried to instill violence into our community and unfortunately did just that…. This is not a bunch of doctors and dentists and lawyers riding Harleys. These are criminals on Harley-Davidsons.”

I asked him if, since it was now well-known that there were more than a few Veterans Groups, Motorcycle Ministries, Charity Riders, and Independent Riders present at what was to be a political meeting for Biker’s Rights Legislation in the State, was he willing to offer an apology for lumping all of them under the heading of “Criminal Bikers?”  His answer? “Not at all. I stand by what I said at the time.”  I pressed him with, “So you still consider the VFW and Christian Motorcyclists Association to be “Criminal Bikers?”  You could see the “oops” look on his face when it sunk in, but rather than correct himself, he ran under Abel Reyna’s “gag order” umbrella.

I reminded him that the statement in question was a public statement, recorded and archived by every major news source national and local, therefore not under the gag order.  His comment from the time he put his foot in his mouth on remained, “Gag Order.”  It became so monotonous and sickening that I almost gagged.  Why can’t politicians simply say “I’m sorry. That was wrong.”  It would play a lot better with the voters.  But our dear Sergeant Swanton would rather sling mud at others rather than get any on himself.  I hope he has plenty of “Wet Wipes.” He’s going to need them as this campaign heats up.

Willie (2)

Then there’s Willie Tompkins, a soft-spoken man of varies backgrounds.  For a Preacher, he amazed me because he came with an ill-prepared statement.  He kind of rambled back and forth through his life and credentials, but seemed to get most of them in.  I had to pull his background from the campaign website, as he was hard to hear from the back of the room. First, here’s the little bit I was able to hear.  Willie came to Waco a little over 50 years ago on a basketball scholarship to Paul Quinn College. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and immediately went to work for the Waco PD.  While there, he served first as a patrol officer, then went into narcotics and vice as an undercover officer.  While in Narcotics, he work with the equivalent of a joint taskforce comprised of the Waco PD, Texas DPS, and DEA.  Now comes the part from the website.

Tompkins made Detective in less than 9 years.  He left the Waco PD after 10 years and became Chief Investigator for the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office.  He became Chief of Police at MCC and was head of Loss Prevention for Albertson’s.  It was during that time he overheard conversation that led to the capture and conviction of the Lake Waco Killer, against whom he testified.  His training included:

600 accumulated hours of training at the Waco Police Academy

Drug enforcement training at the HOT Regional Police Academy

Completed the Southwest Texas University Crime Prevention Institute

Loss Prevention at the HOT Council of Government’s Regional Police Academy

U.S. Army extension training in explosives and sabotage devices

So, Patrick, it sounds like Willie is right up there with you in experience.  He can run the Bomb Squad for you, Parnell. And has the background to really investigate drug crimes so your little narcotics detachment might really make an arrest.  Besides that, when he left the Law Enforcement field, he became a teacher and a Pastor, gained two … count ‘em … two Masters Degrees.  His service as a teacher and Pastor gives him a unique view to the problems facing our youth and those facing the community.

The “joke” part comes now.  This “forum,” of a sorts, accomplished nothing.  It was poorly planned and poorly conducted.  Parnell brought his supporters and Swanton brought his.  So did Willie, and none of these for any candidate are likely to change sides, as they were family and friends.  There was no public Q&A period after the candidates spoke.  The “questions” were asked in an “informal chat session” in another room where each candidate had a table set up so supporters could get bumper stickers and signs.  Nobody heard the pitiful answers Parnell and Swanton gave, although one of Willie’s comments made it into the paper.  It would have been nice to have seen a debate, but Parnell refuses to participate in one.

He’s really got nothing to say, since he has already cost the County $2 million in damages from lawsuits and has been under investigation twice, once for cheating on his law enforcement exam and the other over the multiple deaths in his jail.  Swanton wouldn’t be able to answer for his part in the half-a-billion dollars it will cost the county to try the bogus indictments from Twin Peaks … gag order, you know … but he’ll be there to through his “mud.”  Problem is, he doesn’t have anything on Tompkins so, him and Parnell will beat each other up while Willie takes the day.

So, here’s how the candidates line up for McLennan County Sheriff.  Parnell is a broken down old man, the “Joe Biden” of McLennan County that has to be hidden away so he won’t say anything stupid to the press.  The parade has long passed him by and he needs to go.  Swanton is a slick-talker that lives to throw mud.  His credentials are sound, but he spent the crown of his career with Waco PD as a face for the TV.  He talks a good game, but after Twin Peaks (gag order) do we know how deep in bed he’ll get with Reyna and the judges after he becomes Sheriff?

Well, it seems like the forum did some good after all. It showed me, at least, that Tompkins is the only one with experience … no, Parnell, being a prisoner escort for 30 years doesn’t count … and no baggage to bring to the office.  Ok, I guess.  TOMPKINS FOR McLENNAN COUNTY SHERIFF in 2016!


A McLennan County Christmas


‘Twere the night before Christmas, and all ‘cross the County,
Corrupt politicians were countin’ the bounty.
“Pete” Peterson had blank warrants prepared,
In case some criminal, that night, would be snared.
The Hwy 6 inmates were counted and fed,
In hopes that by morning 2 or 3 would be dead.
Abe Reyna and Swanton, drinking good whisky’
Knew the Twin Peaks trials would surely be risky.tumblr_nyznxnuoq31rrqr7jo1_500

When out in the streets there was heard such a sound,
As thousands of “Criminal Bikers” rode into town.
They ran through the courthouse locking the doors,
As the Bikers pulled up in front with a roar.
The bright, shining light of the December moon,
Glistened off of the Harleys as if it were noon.
Then, next a big Harley Trike appeared,
With Vance & Hines pipes that sounded out clear.
On top of the Scooter was Santa, you know,
Dressed in red leathers from his head to his toe.
He stretched and cracked his chubby old frame,
Then looked at the Courthouse and called out some names.

“Renya, and Swanton, I need to talk to you!
Where’s McNamara and Eubanks, I want them here, too.
Get Peterson up, he’s used to it by now.
Get Stroman and Chavez. I really don’t care how.”
They shook in their boots as they made the phone calls.
“Santa’s at the Courthouse! Get down here ya’ll!”
It didn’t take long to get them all there.
While some of the bikers cracked open a beer.
When Parnell, Chris, Brent, and “Pete”
Joined Reyna and the others, the Claus took a seat.

That big Harley trike became Santa’s throne,
While all of the “Good Ole Boys” shook to their bones.
They had an idea why Santa had called ‘em.
He got ‘em together just so’s he could scald ‘em.
And scald ‘em he did, as he shook his gloved fist.
“Did you boys really think you’d get away with all this?”
His eyes shot lightening, his voice like thunder,
As Santa proceeded to plow ‘em all under.
“Swanton, these ‘Criminal Bikers’ of yours,
Include preachers and veterans of countless tours.
They fought for the rights you so easily trampled,
With warrants from Peterson that looked like samples.
You left ‘em all blank, like Dis-Honest Abe asked,
To aid all your cops in their heinous task.
Did you really think that folks would believe,
That dumb bag of tricks you had up your sleeve?”

Parnell tried to sneak away from the rest,
“Come back, McNamara, did you cheat on your test?
Eubanks ex-girlfriend had pictures to show,
But Reyna wouldn’t file charges, you know.”
The Bikers prepared to leave for the night,


While Santa exclaimed, “You boys just ain’t right.

With a roar like thunder they all followed that trike,

With “Tompkins for Sheriff” on the back of each bike.

willie with hat
Willie Tompkins for Sheriff 2016

Merry Christmas from The Waco Extremist

Parnell McNamara: Texas Lawman (or not)

In October of 2013, Parnell McNamara was announced as “certified” by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE), a certification required for all Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s) in Texas, not including the Federal Level. So, Parnell “Good Ole Boy” McNamara is now a licensed LEO in the State of Texas … or is he?

Who Will Have the Last Laugh?

It seems some questions have arisen concerning the testing that still have not been put to rest. And, Parnell surely wouldn’t want this debate right now; considering he is running for re-election to an office he might never have legally held. But, don’t worry, little children, Parnell’s integrity will never be questioned openly while “Good Ole Boy” Parnell’s “Good Ole Buddy” Abel Reyna is in the District Attorney’s Office of McLennan County.

But wait! Do I hear a sound on the wind? Yes! It’s the sound of a keyboard typing as the Waco Extremist and the Legendary take up the banner of “free press” to alert the people to this possible travesty of local justice. Their daunting efforts will expose the truth, even if the local radio and television news doesn’t pick up the story.

Enough of the dramatic flair. The KWTX “Our Town Texas” blog reported on October 9, 2013 that Sheriff McNamara had completed the course, as verified by TCLEOSE, and was now a certified Texas LEO.  So, all is well in McLennan County and the sun is shining and the birds are singing and … not so fast, though. Now, a new campaign for re-election looms ahead against two strong Primary opponents, Sgt. Patrick “Criminal Biker Gangs” Swanton, and Bishop Willie “Best Man for the Job” Tompkins.  The last thing Parnell needs is any more questions concerning his job performance.

lawsuit against PM
Lawsuit Against Parnell McNamara

He came in encumbered with a lawsuit that cost the County $600,000 out of pocket with a total award of $2 million that didn’t make the insurance company very happy.  THEN, three people die in his jail over a two year period, sparking an investigation which led to LaSalle Corrections taking the heat. No mention to the fact that LaSalle was given the contract for the jail security the first year Parnell took office. It’s a good thing that the local press didn’t pick up this one. But, they might if enough pressure is put on them.

The story has been ignored, I mean, was brought to light in January of 2015 with a preliminary story on then Lt. Chris Eubanks of the McLennan County Sheriff Department.  It seems, according to a mole in the Department who released records to The Legendary, a local blog maintained by a former radio personality, that Lt. Eubanks was involved in several “shady” if not illegal, situations concerning the hiring and firing of Department personnel at the behest of the good sheriff. In fact, in a conference call which included Sheriff McNamara and Mike Dixon, an attorney representing the County in a lawsuit against the Sheriff, Dixon advised the county to be careful in its decisions because of the “Chris Eubanks S@#t.”

It seems that the good Lt., along with others, had a history of changing Department documents to suit their agenda and then shredding the originals, a State Jail Felony in Texas. As if that wasn’t enough, it seems that allegations of improprieties concerning the Texas Certification of Law Enforcement Officers Exams (TCOLE) were arising with concerns pointed at the, soon to be Sgt., Chris Eubanks.  No one, at the time, suggested that these allegations went all the way to the top, to Sheriff McNamara, himself.

According to former Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon, Eubanks admitted that he actually took the exams for McNamara, and was later blackmailed by an ex-lover into buying her a house and car to keep her from taking evidence of the matter to authorities.  When approached by Eubanks, Cawthon suggested he resign, as things were sticky enough with the other problems in which he was involved.  Yet when he attempted to do so, the Sheriff, himself, put the brakes on and “persuaded” Eubanks to stay on as a Patrol Sgt. working nights, as McNamara seemed to want to keep Eubanks close under the circumstances.  As of May, the state’s licensing commission was involved in an active investigation as to how McNamara passed his exams. When documents concerning McNamara’s testing were requested through the Freedom of Information Act, the reply from the state was that the documents could not be released at the time because of an “ongoing investigation,” an ongoing investigation the good people of McLennan County, Texas haven’t been informed of.

So, why hasn’t this made front page news? Why hasn’t the airwaves been blasted because of this? If this is true, and an investigation would not have been launched if the state didn’t believe there was reasonable reliability to the charge.  So, in truth, we may have had a Sheriff holding the office illegally for the last three years, since he is past the limit by which HE must pass the exam, not have someone do it for him. Our Sheriff may, also, have committed the crime of fraud, thereby placing a criminal in charge of the Sheriff Department of McLennan County. Why hasn’t the hue and cry gone out over this?

Simply this, the good Sheriff was blessed with Twin Peaks while this was going on and Twin Peaks has sucked the air out of news reports since. But the question still remains … do we have a legally State Certified Sheriff, or have we had a criminal and a fraud in office for the last three years.  And, is this criminal and fraud going to get away with it and be re-elected again in 2016?  Isn’t it time the people of McLennan County knew? And why hasn’t Chris Eubanks been indicted for conspiracy to commit fraud?

Abe Reyna and Parnell McNamara

Do you remember me mentioning the “Good Ole Buddy” Abe Reyna in the District Attorney Chair?  Well, he is the one who decides to indict or not.  He is the one who is up to his neck in his own problems with Twin Peaks.  “Dis-Honest Abe” is far too busy kicking at the dogs on his own heels to set any on someone else, even if his job does require it.  Maybe if the news were to take hold of this and hold McNamara accountable, then Abe would be forced to take action. As the little boy in Angels in the Outfield said “It could happen!” But, in McLennan County, it really would take a miracle.


Waco & McLennan County Law Enforcement: The Embarrassing of Central Texas

“May 17, 2015 started off like any other lazy Sunday in Waco, Tx…”  How many articles have you seen that started out just like that, then turned the eye on Twin Peaks and the “Biker Shootout?”  For most in McLennan County and the rest of the Nation, that’s how the day is remembered.  But some of us remember it differently.  We remember it as “The Day McLennan County Finally Out-did the Embarrassment of the David Koresh Incident.waco-20-years-later  Yes, just as Jimmy Carter is no longer considered the worst President in history, Janet Reno is now off the hook as the worst embarrassment in McLennan County.

How can I make that claim?  Wasn’t Twin Peaks a horrible, gruesome incident that shocked Waco and the Nation with its violence? Yes, of course, but it was also the day that District Attorney Abel Reyna, Police Chief Brent Stroman, Justice of the Peace Pete Peterson, Waco Detective Manual Chavez, and Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton LOST THEIR COLLECTIVE MINDS! They didn’t go it alone, no, no, no, they took the whole Waco Police Department, the Judicial System, and a whole troop of assorted law enforcement players with them.

We could go all the way back and ask why twenty-two officers including SWAT and DPS did nothing to stop the altercation on the parking lot until bullets were fired.  Seems to me if they knew in advance that something was going to happen, then the pushing contest that led to a fist-fight would be a big clue that it was going down. waco_swat Pretty much?  One would think…  We could also ask where the witness is that said the Police fired the first shot. But these are questions to be asked during the present investigation, and hopefully in the subsequent investigation of the above mentioned men.

Our starting place is the round-up of any and everybody wearing a biker patch, no matter where they were during the incident, and absolutely trampling on their collective, 1st, 2nd,4th, and 14th Amendment rights.  First, whether a fight broke out or not, the rest of the people not involved had the Constitutional right to “peaceful assembly.” Let me point out here, to all of the people in the nation who have been played like fools, this was not a rendition of the OK Corral where everybody that rode a motorcycle was involved in the melee. The activity was confined to fifteen or twenty members of two or three clubs.

The Texas Confederation of Clubs & Independents has a list of member clubs and associations that includes several Christian Motorcycle Clubs, several charitable associations (Bikers Against Child Abuse, Queens of Sheba) and several veterans groups, including VFW, American Legion, Combat Veterans, and others.   They were there for the Central Texas Meeting to discuss the coming agenda of laws in the State Legislature that were of interest to bikers and what to look for in the coming elections of 2016.  They had reserved the patio area for the meeting, so as not to interrupt diners inside.  In fact, several of the bikers were next door at Don Carlos Restaurant eating and were assaulted by Law Enforcement when they ran outside to see what was going on.

Nevertheless, One Hundred & Seventy-Seven (177 for the law enforcement that can’t read big words, like Habeas Corpus) people were arrested and charged with a blanket warrant of “Engaging in Organized Crime.”  As, a leading news entity reports:

If thirty guys were fighting who were the other 140 that were arrested? The Christian Ministries, the Veterans Clubs, and everyone else who attended a COCI meeting aimed at keeping bikers safe, biker legislation, and scheduling biker events? So now your local motorcycle minister is locked up on a 1 million dollar bond.

Here comes the embarrassing part of this segment. Justice of the Peace “Pete” Peterson was rousted out of his Sunday nap to issue these arrest warrants by the good DA Abel Reyna.  You remember old Abe don’t you?  He’s the candidate back in 2012 who was suspiciously let go several times when his blood alcohol levels exceeded 1.0 when driving at night.  Yep, he was still elected District Attorney and backed by the Party Machine.  Want to bet on that horse again, guys?  150519105906-texas-biker-mugshots-collage-super-169Reyna convinced Peterson to release to him warrants with the names and details not filled out so he could take them down to the holding center and “fill-in-the-blanks” after the warrants arrived.  Is that enough to look a “special kind of stupid?”

Apparently not, because Peterson then proceeded to set a one million dollar bond across the board, without looking at the individual cases. His reason?  As quoted in the Waco Tribune, Peterson said,

“I think it is important to send a message. We had nine people killed in our community. These people just came in, and most of them were from out of town, very few of them were from in town.”

Isn’t that a bit like saying, “Take that, you scoundrels?”  The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association thinks so.  They filed a complaint against Peterson alleging he violated the Texas Constitution, Judicial Canons… oh …and the law by, “illegally setting $1 million bonds without considering any of the factors he was required to consider in setting bonds.”  That’s rough when 3,000 people who are all lawyers are against you.

Now what did that pesky 14th Amendment say, “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Oopseee!  Of course, the visiting Judge that is setting the case for the hearings is still deciding that the Police had “probable cause” in the arrests.  He must be scared of backlash from Parnell McNamara ….. people die in his jail.

Enter, Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton to further muddy the waters.  Swanton is the Public Relations Officer (ironically: PRO) for the Waco PD.  No, Swanton was not at the scene when the incident went down.  Yes, he was obviously coached on what to say.  Remember, Swanton is the guy who skyrocketed to National Fame by appearing on the news channels, both local and cable, to coin the infamous phrase, “Criminal Biker Gangs.”  It’s obvious that he’s a little like a Washington Politician … He can’t read his “que-cards” … because he had to back up several times when he just said “Biker Gangs” instead of including the tag “Criminal.”  And, he was informed … for the sake of the cameras … that there were only four or five Biker Gangs, excuse me, CRIMINAL Biker Gangs present at Twin Peaks.

Let’s quickly, for the record, list the clubs KNOWN to be in attendance at a political agenda meeting of a licensed lobby:

  • Bandidos MC (Criminal Biker Gang #1)
  • Cossacks MC (Criminal Biker Gang #2)
  • Scimitars MC (Criminal Biker Gang#3)
  • Sons of the South MC
  • Gypsys MC (A Ride Group that allows women to wear “patches”)
  • Honorbound Motorcycle Ministry (A Christian Ministry considered a Criminal Biker Gang by the Waco PD)
  • Renatus MC (A Texas Hill Country Club that focuses on youth leadership and brotherhood considered a Criminal Biker Gang by the Waco PD)
  • Leathernecks MC (A Marines Veterans Club considered a Criminal Biker Gang by the Waco PD)
  • In Country Vets MC (A Vietnam Vets Club also considered a Criminal Biker Gang by the Waco PD)
  • Christian Motorcyclists Association (Another Christian Outreach to bikers, of which I am a member, still considered a Criminal Biker Gang by the Waco PD)

This list is anything but exhaustive (“not complete” for Abel Reyna and others who need single syllable words to communicate), but gives a stunning overview of the attempt made by the Waco PD through Sgt. Patrick Swanton to paint the gathering as a Biker version of the “OK Corral.”  Swanton said, in one of his “Press Releases” that the attendees at the COCI were:

“A bunch of criminal element biker members that came to Waco and tried to instill violence into our community and unfortunately did just that…. This is not a bunch of doctors and dentists and lawyers riding Harleys. These are criminals on Harley-Davidsons.”

No, Sgt. Swanton, these are not Doctors and Lawyers and Dentists.  These are Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Clergy, Businessmen, Mechanics, Government Employees, Housewives, and Fathers riding Harleys.  Your attempt to cover up the travesty that was committed by Law Enforcement is an insult to these motorcycle riders who were in attendance at Twin Peaks but were, in no way, connected to the situation between the Cossacks and the Bandidos. You idiots arrested 177 people that included Ministers, Businessmen, Housewives, and many others that were there that day just because they like to ride motorcycles.  You did not go through the proper procedures of vetting each of them.  You simply took Able Reyna’s “rubber-stamp” warrants and booked all 177 people on the absurd charge of “Engaging in Organized Crime.”  

Was it really a mass attempt to engage in organized crime, despite the inclusion of Veterans, Christian, and charity groups being among those arrested?  Not according to a Waco Trib report cited in an article on Breitbart:

Steve Cochran, a national bikers’ rights advocate from Waco who witnessed the melee, blamed the incident entirely on the Cossacks. Cochran, who is a founder of the Waco chapter of the Sons of the South, is an official with the U.S. Defenders Task Force, a legislative group affiliated with the Texas Confederacy of Clubs and Independents.

He arrived at Twin Peaks on Sunday to set up a sound system for the COC&I meeting, only to find that the violence already had started.

Bandidos members were to be part of the meeting, which was to focus on legislative issues common to all bikers, Cochran said. He said police gave no indication to him or other COC&I members that their lives might be in danger.

“These meetings have gone on for 20 years, and we’ve gone all these years without a single incident until Sunday,” he said.

Does the Waco PD, District Attorney’s Office, and the Court really understand just how embarrassing this is to the people of McLennan County?  Obviously certain lawyers do, because the lawsuits started trickling in. Before it’s over, we can probably expect the trickle to become a flood.  As of November 19, 2015 five of the 177 bikers jailed have filed federal lawsuits against … wait for it … the City of Waco, District Attorney Able Reyna, Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman, Waco Detective Manual Chavez (who drafted the warrants used to arrest 177 bikers), and an “un-named officer of the Texas Department of Public Safety.”

The lawsuits allege that the 4th and 14th amendment rights of these bikers were violated.  This doesn’t include the suits that will come because of loss of wages, small business failures, and family conflicts caused by the incarceration of these men.  These guys will easily break the good Sheriff Parnell McNamara’s record for money cost to the county.  Oh, yeah, the Weavers weren’t the only ones arrested on a weapons violation that actually had a “concealed carry” permit.  Gotta factor those in, too.  Hey, maybe Janet Reno won’t be the only one breathing a sigh of relief after all…..563e92f7bc0cf.image

Three Inmates Die in McLennan County Jail…

…and the Sheriff’s office is not responsible?  Really? Ok, let me run that by again. I must have missed something.  Uh, three inmates died in the McLennan County Jail…in just one years time, and it’s not the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Department… I’m still not getting it, so I suppose we’ll have to look deeper into this to see just why the McLennan County Sheriff’s department isn’t responsible for three deaths in their jail. I guess we had better start with the first death.

woman dies in jail
Iretha Lilly: someone’s daughter & someone’s mom

On October 6, 2014, a 37 year old woman named Iretha Lilly was in District Court for sentencing on a prior charge.  The judge ordered her jailed for 100 days because she tested positive for drugs (meth & pot).  Ok, I’m following it so far.  Then, she got testy in the courtroom and caused a ruckus…quite a ruckus it seems, since it took several deputies and a Stun Gun to settle her down.  Now, let me explain something about “squad rated” stun guns.  “Squad” is the term used to identify military and law enforcement rated weapons.

These stuns guns aren’t the little rascals you buy at the local flea market to put in your purse. These suckers pack a 50,000 to 1,000,000 volt whallop.  Honey, that will disrupt the nervous system of an elephant! (exaggeration intended)  This is what deputies hit Ms. Lilly with.  And off we go to jail to get booked in. Booking, by the way, can take up to several hours, even if you have frequent flyer miles.  According to department records, Ms. Lilly had not been a visitor since 1995. The account then reads, “She was booked into county jail Monday afternoon and several hours later began complaining that she didn’t feel well.” Jail doctors did two, (count em’) two ekg’s and pronounced her fit.

Now, last I heard, an ekg suggests there were chest pains.  In fact, some reports say it was definitely chest pains.  If someone reported chest pains, and had been popped with over 50,000 volts of electricity, wouldn’t that tell you to immediately transport the individual to the hospital?  And doctors were concerned enough to do two ekg’s, so they obviously thought something was out of order.  Instead, Ms. Lilly was returned to her cell where, around 9:30-10 PM, she was found “unresponsive.”  Now, that finally prompted someone to send her to the hospital…too late…because she was pronounced dead at 10:14 PM.

The Texas Rangers launched an investigation, which eventually led to a Grand Jury clearing the Sheriff’s Department of wrong doing.  The death was ruled accidental due to coronary artery disease and complications from drug use.  Ok, but would she even have died if she was taken to the hospital when the chest pains first started?  We keep hearing that she was high on drugs that fateful day, but guess what kiddies?  Nobody high on meth or pot would have even been functional in a court room.  Gotta wonder what was swept under the table…

543dce31290e2.image  A Family That Just Wants Answer

Now, we fast forward to November 1, 2015 when Michael Martinez was found dead in his cell at the same County Jail.  The JP ruled the death a suicide by hanging.  Problem is, only one of the reports say Martinez was actually found “hanging” in his cell.  They simply report him as found “unresponsive.”  No one reported any video evidence of him hanging in his cell.  At least not in the reports I can pull up.  The autopsy report says “death by asphyxia” which lead them to the decision it was death by hanging.

Now, here are the questions that arise.  If he hung himself, it was reported that he was taken down before the Judge arrived?  Also, he was supposed to have hung himself with a “piece of cloth.”  Must have been one strong piece of cloth to carry the weight.  Asphyxia simply indicates suffocation, so, did he hang himself, or was he strangled?  He was in his cell by himself, or was he?  Those involved in criminal activity have friends…and enemies.  Just saying…


Now, let me address the “elephant in the room,” so to speak.  No investigation was called this time, even though Iretha Lilly died in the same jail a year earlier, until a third prisoner died just one week after the Martinez boy hung himself. On November 8, 2015 Gerald Reneau was found dead in his cell at the same McLennan County Jail.  Oopsee!  Another inmate found dead in his cell…alone in his cell.  Now the wheels of justice begin to slowly turn.

A week later, three jail guards are arrested for filing false reports concerning the death of, guess who?  Michael Martinez.  Seems Martinez was on a Federal Detainer and housed in a section of the jail where mandatory headcounts were to be made every half hour.  Video shows that the men did not make the rounds they claimed to have made.  Disturbing news, especially to Sheriff Parnell McNamara, who is running for his second term.  He faces a difficult Primary against Sgt. Patrick Swanton, the Waco PD officer of Twin Peaks fame, and Willie E. Tompkins, local Pastor who spent 17 years in law enforcement before retiring to give his time to education.

Negligence That Led to Death

McNamara can breathe a sigh of relief, as Judge Scott Felton placed the blame on LaSalle Corrections, the contractor that serves as operator of the County Facility.  Of course, there is always the ultimate question on that subject.  Even though there was already one death, the County extended LaSalle’s contract until 2018.  Now, there have been three deaths while LaSalle has been in control.  By the way, LaSalle was first retained in 2013, the first year of Parnell McNamara’s term as Sheriff… Inquiring minds might, just might, want to know…. So, the only thing that came of this whole scenario, the sum value of three lives, was a “Letter of Non-Compliance” issued by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. So, it appears that the Sheriff isn’t responsible for what goes on in his jail.  Am I the only one that sees a problem with this?  In Waco and McLennan County it seems lives aren’t worth much.   Ask the families of the nine bikers that died at Twin Peaks on May 17,2015.  Or, ask Sgt. Patrick Swanton…….

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