Well, it seems like the fall-out from the “Master Idiot of Twin Peaks” (read: Patrick Swanton) is still coming down.  This guy embarrassed the H–L out of mad deerWaco with his “Criminal Biker Gangs” interviews, and now it looks like he’s just going to be the “Gift That Keeps On Giving.”  Why do I, the “extremist”, make such a statement?  Because my blood is boiling, my rage is rising, my disbelief in the citizenry of Waco is deteriorating…oh, snap…I’m mad!

Let’s start at the beginning.  We all recall (how can we ever forget) the “Criminal Biker Gang” press releases in May of 2015 after the Twin Peaks Massacre. Just in case you don’t, let me refresh your memory.  that was when “Good Ole Boy” Patrick referred to all of the bikers present that day as “Criminals on Harleys” and posited that they were all engaged in organized crime.  Yep, that included the Veterans Groups, the Charity Riders, and the Christian Organizations.  Hard to believe your youth minister was a hardened criminal, huh?  But that was the story, and it was repeated over and over in the media in hopes of rationalizing the “cookie-cutter” warrants put out by Pete Peterson and Abel Reyna.

It still bothers me that there were 22 uniformed officers present at Twin Peaks, yet no one was involved in prevention.  If you had “prior knowledge” that something was about to happen, then there was “probable cause” to stop bikers coming into the Marketplace to check ID’s and for weapons.  And don’t blame it on Twin Peaks again.  That was the biggest cop-out I’ve ever heard.  The restaurant could not have stopped Law Enforcement from preemptive measures outside the facility.  So, Swanton, while you are riding your fame into the campaign for Sheriff, put the blame where it needs to be, right in the laps of the Waco PD for not doing their job.

Or were these things omitted on purpose?  There are those who suggest that the Law Emforcement waited until the last minute to insure that violence broke out, then shot the leaders of the two clubs in question. Breitbart.com, a leading national news website, reported that 117 of the 177 arrested had n0 criminal record at all, yet were retained and arrested for the same blanket charges of”conspiracy to commit organized crime” and jailed on a one million (that’s million with an “M”) dollar bond.  This blatant disregard for the constitutional rights of the “accused” caused lives to be ruined, jobs to be lost, businesses to go bankrupt, and divorces to take place.  Good job, Waco PD!

That makes me mad.  It’s not just Waco PD, either.  Thanks to the reality TV shows like Orange County Choppers and Sons of Anarchy, the equation in the mind of “cagers” (that’s people who ride everywhere on 4 or more wheels) is Bikers=Bad. The following video is from KCEN Television, not some reality TV producer.  The reporter has had access to the Bandidos for years.

Biker clubs are just groups of people who band together for friendship and brotherhood.  Most are veterans.  They are husbands, fathers, and yes, Patrick Swanton, many are lawyers, doctors, and dentists.  They are also the guys that builds your house, repairs your car, waits on you at Wal-Mart.  In my younger days I partied with several of the Bandidos in Lubbock, Texas.  I never “prospected” but I earned their respect by giving them the same.  There was one Viet-Nem vet went by the tag of “Airmail” because he worked at the United States Post Office.  Do you think a “hardened Criminal” could have gotten through that screening?  In fact, Robert Patrick, actor of Hollywood fame who played in Die Hard 2, Terminator 2, Flags of Our Fathers, Bridge to Terebithia, just to name a few, is a biker.  Before you discount him as just another Hollywood punk on his weekend bike ride, he’s the President of Chapter 101 of the Boozefighters MC.  Go, Robert!

The next video is an interview with Stephen Stubbs, a lawyer for the bikers.  It’s a bit long, but a real eye-opener.

Isn’t it strange that the Confederation of Clubs and Independents, a group the Waco PD is trying to paint as a cover for organized crime, is the same group so wonderfully heralded and awarded by the Waco City Council?  And does it say anything for the guilt of the Judge and District Attorney that they wanted those arrested to sign a waiver of the right to sue the city and county before they would be released?  That makes me mad!

But, let’s not leave the Sheriff’s Department out of this tirade.  “Parnell, Texas Ranger” and his posse of idiots is neck deep in this, too.  If, again, all of this knowledge was available long before that fatal Sunday in May, why wasn’t there any Sheriff’s department presence there at Twin Peaks?  After all, McNamara is the County’s “Top Cop.”  There should have been Deputies crawling all over the place.  I guess they were too busy out on the Highways handing out traffic Tickets and checking for warrants so Parnell could keep up his 450% increase in arrests intact.  But why wasn’t the only elected law enforcement officer in the countmaxresdefaulty on the scene, coordinating the activities and practicing some of that “front line police work” he’s so quick to boast about?  And why wasn’t he there to put a stop to the “blanket warrant” treatment taking place.  After all, the County Sheriff trumps the local police and can take-over and direct any activity or investigations taking place.  Inquiring minds want to know….

But that’s not what makes me really mad.  It has come to light that the restaurant where the Christian Motorcyclists Association, an International Motorcycle Ministry well known for their charitable works, has thrown the CMA out in the wake of Twin Peaks.  They don’t want bikers meeting there anymore.  Strange that for years they were proud to house the CMA, but in the feeding frenzy after Twin Peaks, the CMA became, in their eyes at least, the representation of the “Criminal Biker Gang” that Sgt. Swanton painted them as. THAT is what is really making the Extremist MAD!  This is just a small example of the hypocricy following in the wake of Twin Peaks, but Waco continues to make Janet Reno proud.  Even she couldn’t embarrass Waco that bad.  In a follow-up article, I’ll release the name of the restaurant.  Then we’ll see how well they like bikers…..  After that, I may not be as mad…….