I’ve been around for 63 years now, and still believe the truth is the truth, no matter how a politician might dress-up a lie to look like one.  My politics?  Well, no one has ever confused me with a Liberal.  I’m a Social Conservative, and an Economic Conservative, but not because I’m a “Party Guy,” but rather, because I believe in God and I think we should live by His Book.

Though I lean toward the Republican Party, I tend to vote for the best person for the job.  If someone messes up, I’ll be just as quick to scald a member of the GOP as a Dem or a Libertarian, or … well, you get the picture.  I’ll call “stupid” for what it is and do the same for out-and-out corruption.  So, jump on the ride and hold on.  It’s a real roller-coaster and Waco has plenty to offer in the matters of Political Ignorance.


“The Waco Extremist”